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Model Progress Report
Zachow Structures List
circa 1949

April, 2013

1 - Albert Kallies House  
     1a. garage
     1b. chicken Coup
2 - Donald Proper House
3 - Farmers State Bank  
4 - Mert Bakers Tavern
     4a. outhouse
     4b. outhouse
5 - William Kriel Grocery Store
     5a. garage
6 - Rueben Schmidts Tavern
     6a. outhouse
     6b. outhouse
7 - Herman Radtke Hardware Store  
     7a. garage
     7b. outhouse
8 - Dirks Store Bldg 
          (Bramschreiber Store #1)
     8a. garage
     8b. outhouse
9 - Herman Radtke House
10 - Paul Dobratz Farm
       10a. barn
       10b. machine shed
       10c. chicken coup
       10d. corn crib
11 - Kammerman Bldg 
           (Bramschreiber Store #2)
       11a. livery stable and garage
12 - Section House & CNW sheds  
13 - Pauly Cheese Company  
14 - Pickle House  
15 - Stockyard  
16 - Dirks Feed & Lumber Company
17 - Leonard Dobratz House
18 - Radtke Filling Station
19 - August Bohm House
       19a. garage
       19b. outhouse
20 - August Mansee House
       20a. garage
       20b. outhouse
21 - Charles Dannehl House
        21a. garage
        21b. outhouse
22 - Henry Dirks House
        22a. garage
        22b. shed/small barn
23 - C&NW Depot  
24 - Albert Radtke Garage  
25 - Albert Radtke House 
        25a. barn
        26b shed
26 - Clarence Deering House
        26a. garage
27 - Alma Krueger House
        27a. garage
28 - William Westerfeld House
        28a. barn/garage
        28b. outhouse
29 - M. Marquardt House
       29a. garage
30 - Westerfeld Oil, Inc.
31 - Harley Hanson Blacksmith Shop
        31a. back long bldg
32 - Harvey Radtke House  
       32a. barn/garage
33 - Albert Graf House & Office
34 - Graf Creamery
        34a. commercial garage
35 - Henry Dirks Apartment Bldg  
       35a. garage
36 - Ed Kroening House
       36a. garage
37 - Harry Hoefs House
       37a. garage
38 - Maynard Hoefs House
       38a. garage
39 - Clarence Kroening House
       39a. garage
40 - Norman Burmeister House
       40a. garage
41 - Ernest Westerfeld House
       41a. garage
42 - Herman Dobratz House
43 - Herman Boettcher House
        43a. garage
44 - Zernicke Sawmill
45 - C&NW Trestle
46 - Frank Steide House

Building a Town
Building a Depot

Preserving Our Heritage
The Town - Zachow, Wisconsin  
24 miles northwest of Green Bay

44°43′56″N 88°21′49″W


Announcing the Opening...
The dedication of the "new" Zachow C&NW depot in Shawano will take place on Saturday July 13, 2013. It will feature a scale replica of the town of Zachow circa 1949. The location is Heritage Park just west of downtown Shawano and north a couple of blocks on Franklin Street.

Read More by Clicking Here Zachow Depot Opening.

The Plan

     Build an N scale replica of the town as it was in 1949 and house it in a full-size replica of a 
Chicago & Northwestern Standard #3 depot as was in the town. This will be located in Shawano County.


     Zachow, Wisconsin actually began as a town about 1903 when it was platted. The railroad came soon after and the little town grew. A depot was built. The little town boasted two grocery stores, 2 taverns (one with a barber shop,) a hardware store, dance hall, bank and a department store. Industries included a cheese factory, a cheese processing plant, a stockyard, a pickle plant, a feed and lumber mill, a petroleum bulk plant, blacksmith shop and a sawmill. Later Radtke’s auto dealership was established in 1930 and across the street a Wadhams filling station was built.

     In 1949, four passenger trains went through here daily. The Ashland Limited(s) met here at 1:00 AM with one taking to the siding. Memories of the late night steam whistles are hard to forget. The Flambeau 400 also passed through in mid-afternoon both ways. Colorized arial photo of Zachow, Wisconsin

     Other memories include movies outdoors where people sat on a grassy area in the center of town to watch. The kids were up early the next day to beat the hobos down there to scrounge up the change that fell out of people’s pockets! The sound of kids skating on the frozen ponds and tobogganing are gone, leaving an eerie silence.

     As time went by, the “good” jobs were to be found elsewhere. The automobile made mobility easier to commute to these jobs in larger cities, such as Green Bay. Businesses found it hard to thrive and most closed. The railroad picked up its tracks in 1985. Today the town is a sleepy little burg. A fertilizer and corn drying plant, a butter manufacturer, tavern and post office are about all that remain of its businesses. The auto dealership sits empty and the filling station remains, but hasn’t pumped a drop in years.

like this will just fade away unless we can preserve their legacies. 
We want to ensure that does not happen with this town.

     The Modeling Staff

     Made up of professional modelers, headed up by John Dornfeld (Depots by John) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is
    assisted by Jim Rindt of Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Scenery and Diorama construction by Chris Comport of Merrill, WI.

    A direct link to the official Zachow history website

To see the prototype and the model progress, simply mouse over the property and click,
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