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 HO141--Radtke's Filling Station in HO scale
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It is based on a prototype built in Zachow, Wisconsin by the Wadhams Oil Company in 1930. One of its features is a Spanish tile roof, found on most of their other filling stations also. 

About 1939 it became a Sinclair station and around 1950 adopted the Mobil brand. This kit captures the essence of those times, where the gas tank was filled, the oil was checked and your windows were cleaned--by an attendant! Maybe you even bought a soda for a hot summer's day trip. 

$55.95 + $5.00 Shipping. 

(This kit has been previously released in N scale.)

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- Depots By John is announcing the HO release of our Midwest Interurban Terminal (a pdf document), based on the North Shore Line depot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is Now Available! Send an email to depotsbyjohn@wi.rr.com  to order the Terminal.

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Building a Depot Building a Town
Building a Town                        Building a Depot

The Zachow Historic Project

A direct link to the official Zachow history website

Announcing the Opening...

The dedication of the "new" Zachow C&NW depot in Shawano will take place on Saturday July 13, 2013. It will feature a scale replica of the town of Zachow circa 1949. The location is Heritage Park just west of downtown Shawano and north a couple of blocks on Franklin Street.

Read More by Clicking Here Zachow Depot Opening.

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