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Prices current as of 10-3-2017

Track 3 Platform Shelter
Used by interurban lines in the midwest including the North Shore, the CA&E, and the Chicago Elevated Lines--the "L."
Designed to be used with our Midwest Interurban Terminal kit for the outside track. May be extended with extra kits.

HO - 142   $28.95


18'x40' Country Depot
This HO Scale Kit features easy-to-assemble resin walls with cast-on shingles for the roof and Grant Line windows and doors.  Cast metal eave brackets and a Victorian chimney add to the charm of this kit.

HO - 110   $53.95


This Item is 
 and no longer available

Speeder Shed
This HO kit is easy to build, with detailed urethane and plastic parts, stripwood and new tab and slot assembly.

HO - 106   $9.95

Speeder Shed in HO

This Item is 
 and no longer available

Manned Crossing Gate Tower
This kit design  allows the builder to add interior details, if desired

HO - 115   $21.95

This six-sided scalehouse is typical of those found on many railroads

HO - 114   $16.95

This Item is 
 and no longer available

D-3 Depot
This kit features cast resin walls, roof with molded shingles, and Grandt-Line windows

HO - 131   $15.99

Trackside Utility Buildings
The set includes outside braced wood/coal shed, a small tool shed, and an elevated fuel oil tank

HO - 113   $24.95

This Item is 
 and no longer available

Garage Trackside M.O.W. Building
Urethane cast, this kit has molded shingles, tab and slot construction, and Grandt-Line windows

HO - 122   $9.95

Brick Tunnel Portal
3 1/4" wide by 3 3/4" high

HO - 130   $8.95

HO Scale Phone Booths
These are replicas of four designs commonly found along the side of the tracks.

All Phone Booth Kits - 2/pkg. - $9.95
HO- 116  Nickel Plate
HO-117  Illinois Central
HO-118  Milwaukee Road
HO-119  Santa Fe

This Item has been 
 and is now available to order

Interurban Substation Kit
Kit features easy to assemble urethane walls and window and door castings with printed acetate mullions.  Each kit also has 2 roof ventilators included

HO - 136   $51.95

Trackside Platform Shelter
Kit will make a one foot (87 scale feet) section and is designed to be added onto with more sections.  It will extend the platform used on our Midwest Interurban Terminal kit.

HO -120   $28.95

2-Hole Outhouse
resin cast, one piece body and one piece roof section with molded shingles

HO - 132   $8.95

Radtke’s Filling Station
The prototype for this kit is found in Zachow , WI . The  prototype was built in 1930 and remains the same today although it is not used anymore. It features brick construction with a Spanish tile roof.

The model is urethane cast with laser cut windows and doors. It also features 1940s and 1950s style gas pumps, a coke machine and oil rack along with various brand name gas signs of those eras.

HO - 141    $58.95

Telephone and Way Bill Boxes

HO - 121   6/$2.49

36' Chimney with caps

HO - 124   1/$4.49

18" Square Chimney with caps

HO - 125   2/$3.95

Victorian Chimney

HO - 126   2/$3.95

Eave Brackets

HO - 123   8/$2.95

Eave Brackets (right angle)

HO - 127   8/$2.95

Eave Brackets (acute angle)

HO - 128   8/$2.95

Corbels (long w/channel)

HO - 111   8/$2.95

Corbels (long w/curved design)

HO - 112   8/$2.95

This Item is 
 and no longer available
Window Air Conditioner
Metal grill work for a true realistic look

HO - 109   2/$3.95

Concrete Steps
Cast resin

HO - 129   2/$3.49

Brass Roof Vents
Suitable for both HO and N scale

HO - 135   12/$1.95

Trackside Signs
Collection of trackside signs used by the Milwaukee Road feature adhesive backing.  Sets include signs only
HO - 101 Trackside Signs   $2.25
HO - 102 Mainline Set   $2.25
HO - 103 Yard Set   $2.25

Red Chevrons, Targets, and Heralds
Used by the Milwaukee Road, each set features an adhesive backing

HO-104 Milwaukee Road   $2.50
HO-105 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific  $2.50

Yellow Speed Restriction Signs
A variety of speed and restricted speed signs for posting speed limits. Also included are a group of wayside signs and a set of cross bucks in yellow.

HO - 108   $2.50

Freight House & No Clearance Signs
8 assorted scale sizes reach O-S-HO-N.  Black lettering on adhesive white background

HO - 107   $2.25

Eave Bracket Acute (Large)

HO - 138  8/$2.95

6" Clear Glass Block (21/2"x4")
6" Glass Bock
HO - 139  $7.95

Dock Steps

HO - 140  2/$4.95


DEPOTS BY JOHN  *  P.O. BOX 210674  *  MILWAUKEE, WI 53221  *  (414) 817-9192

Prices current as of 1-18-2015